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Logo, brand identity style guide, complete website, stationary


Green Peak is new on the scene.  The CEO, Aaron Frolich, just launched his new company to help Americans in Israel navigate finances and retirement funding in Israel. 

Aaron decided to invest in solid branding from the beginning so his venture would come on the scene professionally.

How it

Aaron didn’t have a logo. He had a default blog header.

After some soul-searching and a lot of investigation, we discovered that Aaron wanted to differentiate himself from the other well-known financial advisors in the community by focusing on his warm, fireside manner and his goal to become a long-term advisor for his clients.

He had named his company “Green Peak” to bring to mind the warmth and peace of nature, the sense of trust that a mountain evokes,  and distant vistas that would be reachable to his clients after working with him.

How it's

We went with a rustic vibe inspired by outdoor adventuring brands, but we kept it minimalist in order to maintain a sense of serenity. To build trust, we used competent, thorough language across the site.

The logo is a minimalist representation of a mountain whose icy peak is an abstraction of a caring hand.

A soup-to-nuts project, we designed the logo + identity and then applied it to everything this company needed to start. We then migrated Aaron’s existing blog over to the new site so his years of experience would still be available to his audience. 

Now Aaron has the tools to showcase his services to his growing clientele!

Dreams for portfolio
Dreams for portfolio